Beamshots - 4 (English)

  • бимшоты
  • свет фонаря
  • снимки света

The new stage of regular shootings was performed on March 14, 2009. As usual, photos were taken at one site with identical shoot settings: Distance to far wall: 50 meters.
Focal distance: 18mm, crop 1.6, shutter speed: 4 seconds, aperture 4.5, ISO 200, white balance - Daylight (5500K).
Compared to Beamshots-3 series, total exposure time shortened as EV-1/3.

To simplify comparison of thrower or powerful lights, we're also providing a serie of images with light amount divided by 4 (exposure correction EV-2).
For flashlights that imaged within dynamic range of camera, exposure compensation was performed usin software RAW converter only.
For super-powerful HID flashlights like Polarion PF50, Russian "Poisk" PSS-01, which were shoot overexposed, exposure correction was set in place by shooting multiple images with decreasing shutter speed.

Additionally, we shot EV-4, EV-4 1/3 images for that lights. To simplify comparison of low modes or low-output lights we also provide EV+2 correction images (which means light amount multiplied 4 times). Here all the images were generated by software RAW converter. That led to fact that totally dim lights, that were totally black frame even in RAW image, remain black in these EV+2 images. But who cares? :)

Here is a table for easy evaluation of light amount. We can simply set here that dividing shutter speed by N factor is equal to dividing flashlight brightness by same N factor. EV+2 - shutter speed multiplied by 4.
EV-1 - shutter speed divided by 2
EV-2 - shutter speed divided by 4.
EV-3 - shutter speed divided by 8.
EV-4 - shutter speed divided by 16.
EV-4.3 - shutter speed divided by 20.

For those of you who need to compare throwers we also provide center of wall image cropped without resizing. That is also available in EV+2 and EV-2 corrections. There is a light-reflecting tape glued on wall. It's not perfect reflector, but light coming from it can show us whether some particular light have any chance to throw at such distance.

Below come main series only. Other images can be downloaded in archives below.

Main series EV-2
Light divided by 4. Use these images to compare powerful lights.
Main series
Normal light amount. That is what you can see below.
Main series EV+2
Light amplified by 4. Use these to compare low modes or low-output lights.
Center crop EV-2
Light divided by 4. Use these images to compare throwers. You can also compare width of beam.
Center crop
Normal light amount. Compare throwers.
Center crop EV+2
Light amplified by 4. Use these to compare low modes of throwers.
Everything in one archive file

Polarion, "Poisk" lights

When we shot Polarion PF50, PSS-01, Fenix TK40, the tripod was moved 0.5 meters away to the back, a bit to the left, and also was elevated at 25ёь. According to this, light cone was moved back approximate 60cm.. That also led to lower illumination of far wall, but who cares for such bright lights? :)
It's interesting to compare Polarion with brightness divided by 20 images (EV-4.3) to other LED lights.
Polarion PF50
Polarion PF50 Polarion PF50 EV-1 Polarion PF50 EV-2
Polarion PF50 EV-4.3
"Poisk" PSS-01 HID "Poisk" PSS-01 HID EV-2 "Poisk" PSS-01 HID EV-3
"Poisk" PSS-01 HID EV-4.3 PSS-01 LED

Fenix flashlights

Here we got new 2009 year model range: Fenix TK40, TA30, TK20, TK11, and also common EDC lights:PD30, LD20, PD20, LD10, LD01.
Fenix TK40 Turbo Fenix TK40 Max Fenix TK40 Mid
Fenix TK40 Low
Fenix TA30 Turbo Fenix TA30 Mid Fenix TA30 Low
We are able to compare brightness difference between TK11 Q5 and TK11 R2 (no real difference). Fenix TK11 R2 had a slightly warmer tint than Q5. If we set camera color balance to "auto", we get absolutely no eye-detectable difference.
We can also confirm identical Fenix TK11 brightness with fresh CR123 batteries and 18650 cell.
Fenix TK11 R2 18650 Turbo Fenix TK11 R2 18650 Mid
Fenix TK11 R2 2xCR123 Turbo Fenix TK11 R2 2xCR123 Mid
Fenix TK11 Q5 18650 Turbo Fenix TK11 Q5 18650 Mid
Fenix TK11 Q5 2xCR123 Turbo Fenix TK11 Q5 2xCR123 Mid
Fenix TK10 Turbo Fenix TK10 Mid
Here is the difference between textured and smooth reflector for Fenix PD30. Occasionally, PD30 with orange peel reflector was turned a bit upper than one with smooth reflector.
Fenix PD30 OP Turbo Fenix PD30 Smooth Turbo
Fenix PD30 OP High Fenix PD30 OP Mid Fenix PD30 OP Low
PD30 vs previous Fenix generation: P3D.
Fenix P3D OP Turbo Fenix P3D Smooth Turbo
Fenix LD20. You can see the different reflectors difference. No difference actually :). Here also comes old L2D Q5.
Fenix LD20 OP Turbo Fenix LD20 Smooth Turbo Fenix L2D OP Turbo
Fenix LD20 OP High Fenix LD20 OP Mid Fenix LD20 OP Low
We can also confirm no brightness difference for PD20 working on 16340 and CR123.
Fenix PD20 OP 16340 Turbo Fenix PD20 OP CR123 Turbo Fenix PD20 Smooth Turbo
Fenix PD20 OP CR123 High Fenix PD20 OP CR123 Mid Fenix PD20 OP CR123 Low
Fenix LD10 flashlight. Actually, LD10, LD20, PD20 have exactly the same head, and differ only by tails.
Fenix LD10 OP Turbo Fenix LD10 Smooth Turbo
Fenix LD10 OP High Fenix LD10 OP Mid Fenix LD10 OP Low
Fenix P1D Q5. It's interesting to compare new, out-of-the-box P1D Q5 to used one. The latter was in use for 1 year. It seems like time and weather didn't affect it much.
Fenix P1D Q5 OP Turbo Fenix P1D Q5 OP Mid Fenix P1D Q5 OP Low
Fenix P1D Q5 Used Turbo Fenix P1D Q5 Used Mid Fenix P1D Q5 Used Low
Fenix TK20. Neutral-white LED provides better color rendition for rust, bricks. It gives better volume feeling, and is ideal for outdoor: Grass, leaves, trees.
Fenix TK20 Turbo Fenix TK20 Mid
Fenix LD01 can be compared to old L0D Q4. We can see amazing brightness increase for that new tiny light! It really can throw to 50m!
Fenix LD01 Q5 High Fenix LD01 Q5 Mid Fenix LD01 Q5 Low
Fenix L0D Q4 High Fenix L0D Q4 Mid Fenix L0D Q4 Low
Focusable beam for LED lights that is performed by moving reflector is not a good way, as we can see for E20 light. It is not usable at all.
Fenix E20 Narrow Fenix E20 Wide Fenix E01
PD30, TK10, TK20with diffusers. Note the warm light on rightmost image.
Fenix PD30 with White Diffuser Fenix TK10 With Diffuser Tip Fenix TK20 with Diffuser Tip
Red light can save your night vision. Red diffuser also attract less insects than white one.
Fenix PD30 with Red Diffuser Fenix PD30 with Red Filter Fenix TK10 with Red Filter
Fenix PD30 with Traffic Wand
Fenix Diffuser Far Fenix Traffic Wand Far Fenix Traffic Wand Far 2
Fenix Red Diffuser Far FreezeLight (red diffuser)

Nitecore flashlights

Here are all currently manufactured models by Nitecore, and also some great abandoned lights: DarkTort and Raidfire Spear. Here is also a Spear clone from DealExtreme that comes with SSC P7 led.
We skip low-mode images of Nitecore, because these are just black frames.

Osram Golden Dragon has more poor CRI than Cree LED (but it's said that should be better). It also has bluish tint.
Nitecore D20 hotspot is positioned about 1 meters upper than wall center. Take care of that when you compare it to similar lights.
Nitecore D10 Golden Dragon 14500 Max Nitecore D10 R2 14500 Max Nitecore D10 R2 AA Max
Nitecore Extreme Q5 16340 Max Nitecore Extreme Q5 CR123 Max Nitecore D20 Q5 Max
Nitecore EX10 Q5 16340 Max Nitecore EX10 Q5 CR123 Max
DarkTort DT-E1.0 Max DarkTort DT-E1.0 Min
Raidfire Spear is a classics of throwers. Note the center of wall: tightly focused 250-lumen light is much more brighter than 4-die SSC P7 led (about 700 declared).
Raidfire Spear Max Raidfire Spear Min Raidfire Spear Clone P7 (яюффхыър эр ётхЄюфшюфх P7)


DereeLight DBS MC-E Orange Peel 2x18650 Max DereeLight DBS MC-E Orange Peel 2x18650 Mid DereeLight DBS MC-E Orange Peel 2x18650 Min
DereeLight DBS MC-E Orange Peel 4xCR123 Max DereeLight DBS MC-E Orange Peel 4xCR123 Mid DereeLight DBS MC-E Orange Peel 4xCR123 Min
DereeLight DBS V.2 3SD R2 Smooth Max DereeLight DBS V.2 3SD R2 Smooth Mid DereeLight DBS V.2 3SD R2 Smooth Min

SureFire and Pila

We had many original and third-party lamps for that tiny beasts.
Surefire Aviator LED Surefire Aviator Xenon (HO-A2) Surefire Aviator Xenon (MA02)
Surefire E1E (EO-E1R) Surefire E1E (LF HO-E1A) Surefire E1E (MN01)
Surefire E2DL High Surefire E2DL Low
Surefire E2E (LF IMR-E2) Surefire E2E (MN03)
Surefire G2 (LF EO-9) Surefire G2 (P60) Surefire G2 (P91)
Surefire G2 LED (ьюфєы№ D26-LED 3.7V (Selected Tint) Surefire G2 LED (P60L)
Surefire HL1 2 blue LEDs Surefire HL1 3 white LEDs
Surefire M3 (LF EO-M3) Surefire M3 (LF IMR-M3)
Surefire M3T LEEF Custom (LF HO-M6R) Surefire M3T LEEF Custom (LF IMR-M6)
Surefire U2 Ultra Level 6 Surefire U2 Ultra Level 5 Surefire U2 Ultra Level 4
Surefire U2 Ultra Level 3 Surefire U2 Ultra Level 2 Surefire U2 Ultra Level 1
Pila GL 3 (LF xenon EO-9 380 lm) Pila GL 3 (Pila Q5 250 lm)

Tiablo flashlights

Tiablo A10 Cree R2 18650 Tiablo A10 Cree R2 2xCR123 Tiablo ACE MC-E 2x18650
Tiablo A9S Q5 18650 High Tiablo A9S Q5 18650 Low
Tiablo A9S Q5 2xCR123 High Tiablo A9S Q5 2xCR123 Low
Tiablo Matador Br200 18650 Max Tiablo Matador Br200 18650 Min
Tiablo Matador Br200 2xCR123 Max Tiablo Matador Br200 2xCR123 Min


Zebralight H30 Max Zebralight H30 Mid Zebralight H30 Min
Zebralight H50 Max Zebralight H50 Mid Zebralight H50 Min
Zebralight H60 110lm Zebralight H60 15lm Zebralight H60 190lm
Zebralight H60 45lm


JetBeam flashlights were "black horse" on that beamshots. They weren't shoot in Russia before.
All models are good-built, and many items of one model showed identical results.
Conclusion is not very good: it seems like JetBeam seriously overrates output of their lights.
JetBeam Jet-1 EX Pro IBS V.2 Max JetBeam Jet-1 EX Pro IBS V.2 50%
JetBeam Jet-1 Pro IBS v.2 14500 Max JetBeam Jet-1 Pro IBS v.2 14500 50%
Flashlight at left image is positioned slightly upper. Flashlight at right image is centered.
JetBeam Jet-1 Pro IBS v.2 AA Max JetBeam Jet-1 Pro IBS v.2 AA Max (second flashlight)
JetBeam Jet-1 Pro IBS v.2 AA 50% JetBeam Jet-1 Pro IBS v.2 AA 50%(second flashlight)
JetBeam Jet-2 Pro IBS Max JetBeam Jet-2 Pro IBS 50%
JetBeam Jet-3 Military Pro IBS 18650 Max JetBeam Jet-3 Military Pro IBS 18650 50% JetBeam Jet-3 ST Q3 5A Max
JetBeam Jet-3 Military Pro IBS 2xCR123 Max JetBeam Jet-3 Military Pro IBS 2xCR123 50%
JetBeam Jet-3 Pro IBS Max JetBeam Jet-3 Pro IBS Max(second flashlight) JetBeam Jet-3 Pro IBS Max(third flashlight)
JetBeam Jet-3 Smooth Pro IBS Max JetBeam Jet-3 Smooth Pro IBS 50% JetBeam Jet-3 Pro IBS 50%
JetBeam Jet-3 Ultra Pro IBS Max JetBeam Jet-3 Ultra Pro IBS 50% JetBeam M1X MC-E Turbo

Other lights

Olight M20 Smooth 2xCR123 Max Olight M20 Smooth 18650 Max Olight M20 Smooth 18650 Min
Huntlight Xenon P60 (cheap P60 module) Aurora AK-P7-5 Max Aurora AK-P7-5 Min
Kosmos AP2000LED - 15┬Є halogen light Kosmos AP2000LED - 12-LED mode Police 25W
Enerlux cheap headlamp 1xAA ERA SD40 LED 3xAAA NexTorch 2xAA
Mini Maglite AA (narrow focus) Mini Maglite AA (wide focus)
Petzl e+Lite High Petzl e+Lite Low
Petzl Tikka XP High Petzl Tikka XP High with Diffuser Petzl Tikka XP Low with Diffuser
Petzl Tikka XP Low Petzl Tikka XP Mid Petzl Tikka XP Mid with Diffuser
Petzl Tikka XP Turbo Petzl Tikka XP Turbo with Diffuser
Princeton Tec Apex Mode 1 Princeton Tec Mode 2 Princeton Tec Mode 3
Princeton Tec Mode 4
12-LED UV flashlight. (EV+1) Xenon flash